Month: October 2010

Monday Motivation: Watch How Far You Can Go If You Just Keep Pushing!

Always, always, always give your best, push yourself.  Then watch just how far you can go… This was an excellent movie and this was one of the many “best” parts of the movie!  The cool part starts about 2:00 in,

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Softball Video: Speed, Agility, Power and Tug of War!

Thanks to Auburn Softball – great stuff.  New ideas and good to see some things we already use in training… Check it out!  Some of them actually have pretty good running form too.  🙂  Always nice to see.  Oh yeah,

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Softball Pitching: Which Drop Ball Should I Throw?

Personally, I like the Peel Drop better even though I threw the Turn-Over as a player.  But if you want to find out which method actually gives YOU more spin and, therefore, more movement, the RevFire System can tell you. 

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