Month: November 2011

10 Things Good Softball Players and Good Employees Have in Common

I never understood why athletes get dismissed from job opportunities because they have “no work experience.”  I didn’t have a “real job” where I filled out tax forms and all that until after I was done playing softball.  Many employers

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Gave In and Got a Xeno

My oldest daughter had her own bat when we was 10 years old.  At the time she had a brand spankin’ new RocketTech.  Obviously, she’s outgrown that bat, and now at 15, I just bought her another one. Why did

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Should I Move My Daughter to This Team?

I often hear parents ask whether or not they should put they daughter on a more competitive and more successful team.  If that’s what your daughter is ready for and wants to do, generally speaking, it’s a great idea. However,

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