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Rules of the Fastpitch Softball Diamond

by Stacie ~ May 1st, 2013. Filed under: Coach Softball, Softball Tips, Stacie's Thoughts, Stuff We Like, To: Softball Players.

Ever since my family started doing CrossFit we’ve met a lot of great people, many of whom we have as friends on facebook. Because of that, as you can imagine, I see quite a bit of fitness related posts in my facebook newsfeed.

One day I came across an image sharing 9 rules for the gym. I decided to come up with my own list of rules for the diamond. Hope you like them. Enjoy…


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Stacie Mahoe shares lessons learned from decades around the diamond. Enjoy her unique insights on softball and life from years as a player, coach, parent, and fan of the game.

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  1. Chris Becraft


    Do you have advice/tips for recruiting for 18U exposure. We have been successful helping players get recruited, but our tryout numbers have dwindled. Trying to collect and implement proven methods to get the numbers up.



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