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Does Defense Win Championships in Softball?

by Stacie ~ February 3rd, 2014. Filed under: Stacie's Thoughts.

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superbowl xlviii

So, yesterday was the day. Superbowl XLVIII between the Denver Broncos, #1 offense in the league, and the Seattle Seahawks, the #1 defense in the league.

It was a classic matchup to find out if that old sports quote is true, “Offense wins games, defense wins championships.”

Well after a 43-8 blowout by the Seahawks, I guess it’s true.

Offense wins games, defense wins championships…

…except in softball where you absolutely need offense because your defense can’t score, nor can it cause a turnover…and you can’t win if you don’t score. 🙂

I’ve seen games with spectacular defense on both sides. Then ONE hitter puts a great swing on a great pitch and makes the difference in the game, 1-0. Game over.

What do you think? Do you agree? Does defense win championships in softball too? Or is our game special?

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Stacie Mahoe shares lessons learned from decades around the diamond. Enjoy her unique insights on softball and life from years as a player, coach, parent, and fan of the game.

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5 Responses to Does Defense Win Championships in Softball?

  1. George Seagrave

    Defense does win championships in softball. If the other team can’t score, they can’t beat you!

  2. Joe Medlen

    Defense will not win a Championship but it will keep you in a game until your offense does. I have always worked very hard on defense as a coach and a very high percentage of our games are close due to our defense. I have seen many good Teams not win games due to there Team lacking defense.

  3. Stacie

    George and Joe: all good points 🙂
    I guess maybe the truth is, you need a solid TEAM in order to win the most important games. Or maybe it’s the one that knows how to overcome adversity that wins…

  4. Dave

    All that is needed in softball to win is one more run than your opponent. You can get that (usually) from anyone of your batters 1-9
    But it truely is defense that wins games and Championships, if you have a one run lead the defense has to make a play which will seal the deal. They also say a good defense is a great offense score early and often so your defense won’t have to bail you out.
    Any thoughts

  5. Jodi Murphy

    I think you need a good balance between defense and offense. If you make every play but no one gets a hit it’s impossible to win. If you’re team is full of sluggers but no one can catch a pop fly it’s still hard to win.

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