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Sports Parenting Tip: Don’t RUSH Anything

sports parenting tip: don't rush

This is something I’m learning as a parent. When our kids are little, it’s so common for us to want to help them get to the next thing and the next milestone and the next developmental stage. At least, at

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Performance Tip: Keep a “blue” head

I read an article about the All Blacks this morning. They are one of THE most successful rugby organizations in the world. I was first interested in them because I was listening to Sara Erdner talk about a more holistic,

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We Don’t Need More Positive Coaches

be relentless in your pursuit of excellence

We don’t need more positive coaches or positive sports parents. Why? Because many who buy in to those ideas kind of have this feeling that not being mean is more or less the extent of what it entails … not swearing at the

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