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Fuel for Excellence – Volume I

Fuel for Excellence - Volume I

Bite-sized nuggets of inspiration for sports parents đŸ™‚ W00t! Super excited to announce the very first volume of my new e-book series, Fuel for Excellence is ready to go. This e-book contains a compilation of all the best, most inspiring,

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Essential Oils for Softball: Attitude and Effort

essential oils for athletes and softball

Did you know that athletic performance can be improved by something as simple as being exposed to peppermint essential oil? Yes, Peppermint đŸ™‚ Athletes were shown to get stronger and run faster after exposure to just a tiny amount of

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Want to Stay at the Top of Your Game?

stay on top of your game

Getting to the top is one thing. Staying at the top? That’s a whole ‘nother story! STAYING at the top of your game, your team, your league, your state may be even harder than getting there to begin with. It

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