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How do you get your players fired up?

Are you fired up?

Share this article: Click HERE to tweet Every now and then, I get questions about motivation and inspiration. ┬áThe inquiries typically go something like this… Hey Stacie, need some advise. My daughter plays on a team with great heart, but

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Why Some Athletes Succeed and Others Don’t

Share this article: Click Here to Tweet I came across this article about success in athletes and really enjoyed it. Have you ever seen… Two players, same training, same environment, similar skill level, but one athlete succeeds and another doesn’t?

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Best Sports Drink for Kids – Not Gatorade

No it’s not Gatorade or Powerade or Vitamin Water. It’s actually something I drank just about every single school day in high school. It’s something I get teased for drinking. It’s something people sometimes give me a hard time about

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