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FLOW isn’t just for athletes

We talk about FLOW and being “in the zone” in regards to athletes a lot. Have you ever stopped to think this state is available to and useful for you as a mom too? QUESTION: Do you purposefully tap into and take

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Choosing faith over fear and why it matters

sports mom tips: choose faith over fear

Helping your child grow into the finest version of themselves requires that you stop letting fear run the show. Be willing to meet your child where they are with unwavering faith in where they’re headed. That FAITH that shapes how

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When critics rant and rave, remember this …

fastpitch softball coaching tips: critics

Coach, You will ALWAYS have critics. Stay focused on why you do what you do and on what matters most! When you get defensive, you look guilty, or like you lack confidence in what you do. And maybe you do.

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