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More than praise, your child needs this

don't worry what people think

One thing keeps popping in my social media feeds during this first month of the year. I don’t see many resolutions (thank goodness). But I do see people making proclamations of stepping AWAY from what everyone else thinks they *should*

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Stop Babying Your Athletes, Help Raise STRONG Kids Instead!

Share this article: Click Here to Tweet Should coaches allow players to pay for their mistakes? I’ve seen people say, NO! ¬†Coaches need to STOP making players “pay” for their mistakes. I disagree. Recently Amanda Scarborough wrote a message in

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13 Common Mistakes Middle Infielders Make

Share this article: Click Here to Tweet I spent most my playing time in the middle infield. I have a particularly soft spot for 2b. I know playing middle is not easy. There’s a lot to remember and a lot

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