Guess Who I Met!

I met Looooovelace.  Hehe.

When I hear Looooooooovelace, I think of Happy Feet.  Hey, I have a four-year-old son and that was his favorite movie for months!  But I didn’t meet that Lovelace.  Actually, the Lovelace I met was Barry Lovelace, and I met him on Twitter.   Really, if you haven’t tried twitter yet, what are you waiting for?  It’s free, it’s simple, and you can meet some really cool people just like I met Mr. Loooooovelace.  ;D

You can keep up with what’s going on with:

Now, who is this Mr. Lovelace?  Well, on Happy Feet, Looooooovelace was somewhat of a guru.  Actually, turns out he wasn’t really a guru, but he was certainly seen as one in the beginning of the movie.

It just so happens that Barry Lovelace, while he’s most certainly not a penguin, is something of  a “guru.”  I found out that he is known in some circles as “The King of Core.”

Of course, being the softball person that I am, I found that interesting.  What softball person isn’t interested in their Core?  So, I got in touch with Mr. Lovelace, a.k.a. The King of Core, and I’ll be speaking with him this week.  I’ll keep you posted on how that goes!

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