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In the spirit of giving thanks in this Thanksgiving month, it’s days like this when I am so thankful for what I do. I may not directly make a lot of money from it, but it’s always so rewarding. Because of what I do and share with you, I have the opportunity to talk with, and sometimes even meet, some really great people in the softball community around the country. While I by no means know everyone there is to know or rub elbows with all of who’s who in softball, I do have the honor of getting to know people I may not know otherwise.

I’m also blessed with the opportunity to bring some of these great softball people here to Hawaii. While living in Hawaii is awesome, it’s also quite expensive for us to travel to the mainland US to attend camps, clinics, or coaching conventions. Any time we can bring someone here to share great resources with more people and with coaches, players or parents who many never get the opportunity to travel and learn, it’s a great thing!

There may not be huge rewards now, but the simple act and experience of being a part of something that helps others is awesome in and of itself. Other opportunities or rewards that come in the future as an indirect or direct result, are just gravy.

I remember back when my oldest daughter was 8, I wanted to make camps and clinics here in Hawaii a more regular event. I wanted to bring clinicians, coaches, and instructors to Hawaii at least on an annual basis so that we could all learn and better the game here. It’s interesting to see how, while I haven’t really consciously gone after it, we’re slowly but surely getting to that point. I hadn’t even realized until now that it has been 7 years since that original thought. It doesn’t even seem that long. I believe the journey will continue and these efforts will eventually grow into something bigger. I’m not exactly sure how, I’m not exactly sure when, but I’m perfectly fine taking it slow and letting the people of Hawaii pull it along rather that push it at them before they’re ready.

I’ve seen too many people go to the mainland for an event, see what’s going on up there and go, “They do this in the mainland, let’s do it here” or “it works in the mainland, let’s do it here.” While it’s a good concept how you carry it out has to fit Hawaii, not the mainland. We’ll get there one day. We’re always a bit behind. Always on Hawaiian time, but that’s okay. The tortoise wins the race!

It’s always amazing when we find instructors and coaches who are in it for the love of the game. They make it work. They make it possible. Making a trip to Hawaii doesn’t work for everyone. I don’t work with and bring down everyone who contacts me with interest in coming here. It takes a special kind of person to ultimately make it work for the good of the softball community here first and anything or anyone else, second.

It’s fun that I’m getting to meet more and more of those people. 😀

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