Day 1 is Done – What Did You Do?

Happy New Year - Goal Setting

The beginning of a New Year is often time for new goals and resolutions. Personally, I didn’t wait for the New Year. 😉

If you did, that’s okay. That’s what most people do. While I hope you’re not trying to be like most people (aka ordinary or average), the important thing is not when you start but that you DO get started!

That said, the first day of the year has come and gone. Did you DO anything to move yourself closer to your goals?

I know I did!

Think about it right now. What one thing can you do today that will get you moving in the right direction? It doesn’t have to be something big. Baby steps work!

Choose one thing and commit to getting it done today!

If you feel like sharing, please leave a comment and tell me what your one thing is. I’d love to hear from you. 🙂

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  • Stacie thank you for all the encouraging words that you give all of us.
    My fist step I took for the new years was to be more organized and have a plan in place.  Yesterday I spent a good part of the morning working on that plan and have over half of it laid out all ready.  WOW what a big weight lifted to not have to worry about scheduling as much and I can spend more time working on the goals for our travel team this year.  Thank you again.

    Washington Phantom Fastpitch

  • Hi stacie! This year should be an exciting year for me and my fam. I plan to be more active with my health, such as food, working out. I had several surgeries last year and my eyes opened up on what I need to do to start feeling better. Thank you so much for the great words. I hope to get back to pitching status and coaching real soon.

  • Chris: great job! Too many people feel it’s a waste of time to plan and rather just go out there and DO. Having a plan is a great way to get organized, be efficient, and lessen stress.
    Even if things need to be adjusted down the road, at least you have a “baseline” to go from.
    Wishing you a great 2012!


  • Kim: I have those things on my list too. I’ve been using the “too busy” excuse too long when it comes to exercise and nutrition. Made some positive changes in December and looking forward to more progress this year!
    Can’t wait to see what you’re going to accomplish this year. 🙂


  • Thanks for your encouraging words! I really needed them. Rough year already!

    I hardly ever make resoultions, but this year I decided to make one. My resolution this year was to make one. So in a way I have achieved my goal by making one. . But, reading this, I have to say that I really should make another one. So, because your blog is usually about softball, I decided to make one softball related. I pitch and want to build my speed. So, thanks for giving my goal for 2012!!


  • Very cool Maggie!

    I’m not really into “resolutions” either because people never seem to keep those. But I do believe in deciding an committing to making positive changes for life. 🙂
    Best wishes to you and I hope to hear that you improve your pitching speed this year. Your next sep is to think of 3 specific things you can do (actions steps) to work on your speed this year.

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