Affordable and Effective Softball Training for Pitchers

pitchers pop training programHappy New Year!  I hope this message finds you and your family well.

This is one of the most exciting times of year for softball.  A new season is right around the corner and everyone is kicking it into gear to get ready for a great 2013.

It might be strange, but it’s one of my favorite parts of the season, conditioning!

Anyway, I just found out that my friend, Barry Lovelace (who I personally brought over to Hawaii about 4 years ago), is offering a special 30% off deal on his *HOT* pitching program designed to increase explosive power and strength.  
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But it’s NOT just for pitchers!

I absolutely loved the training Barry did with my daughters (both outfielders) and other youth softball players when he was here in Hawaii a few years back.  Those core training exercises became the basis for my daughters’ growth in overall fitness and athleticism.

It’s what allows my smaller than usual 16-year-old to, not only keep up with, but really compete with bigger players even though she’s barely over 5′ and 100lbs.  (see video)

It’s also what allows my 13-year-old to effortlessly generate power on the diamond and hang in there with the boys at her boxing club!

Since then Barry has developed, tweaked, and improved his training program even more!  With the simple use of your own bodyweight, or equipment you probably already have on hand, you can experience the results that Barry’s athletes and customers all over the world are seeing almost over night.

It is no wonder ESPN Coach of the Month, Wes Madrill (current college coach), and former NPF player Stacy Birk (current college coach as well) endorse his training style: IT WORKS!

Start your year off right!

Save 30% TODAY and begin your newfound explosive power and strength that will have coaches and players wondering what you have been doing during the off season.

IMPORTANT: You must enter the coupon code stacie at check out. PLEASE make sure you press Apply at checkout to receive your 30% Discount.

Get your DVD HERE!

Join the others who are changing their game by throwing harder with more control and less effort while outlasting their opponents on the field!


Get pumped 🙂
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