Why Softball Players Should Beware of Social Media

I saw this college recruiting tip posted on facebook by NCSA and had to share it.

I absolutely cannot emphasize this enough!

ncsa college recruiting tip - social media
Student-athletes need to realize that so much of life ends up online now days, recorded and put on display for everyone to see. Think before you speak or act!

Student-athletes also must be mindful of the choices THEY make online. When they choose to do or say something online it is the SAME as doing it in any other public place in front of all kinds of people, just like at a park or mall.

People are watching (including people you may not realize are watching).

The only thing? The internet is even worse because, in real life, if you do something stupid and no one sees, no one sees. Online, if you do something stupid, even if someone doesn’t see it the instant you do it, they can see it later.

Even if you DELETE the stupid thing, others may have already seen it and passed it on in ways you’re completely unaware of (sharing is so easy to do now days!). Then it can end up in front of people you never intended and you can’t take that back!

Don’t count on “privacy” settings to protect you or help you keep secrets because the truth is, you probably never read through all the terms and conditions and privacy policies of the online sites you use. That means you really have NO idea exactly who sees your information or actions or how those things are used or shared.

Not only that, there are people out there who are fabulous at hacking into anything technological! While that may be an unlikely issue, lots of minors with social media accounts SHARE their login information with friends or family. Again, this means that what’s said or done online is never completely “hidden” from others. Make smart social media choices!

The bottom line is you are ALWAYS responsible for your choices and actions. What matters even more than what you do when people are watching is what you do when you think people AREN’T watching.

If you feel the need to hide something, DON’T DO IT. ALWAYS conduct yourself in such a manner that the people who mean the most of you would be proud, online or offline. Simple.

Please, please, please share this with the young ladies (and men) you know and care about!

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