Why Some Athletes Succeed and Others Don’t

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I came across this article about success in athletes and really enjoyed it.

Have you ever seen…

Two players, same training, same environment, similar skill level, but one athlete succeeds and another doesn’t?

Why does this happen?

Eric Cressey has some ideas on this and shares them in his brand new “Show and Go” Training System.

Here’s an excerpt where he talks about 5 Traits of Successful Athletes

If you give two trainees the exact same program, why do they often get remarkably different results? Sure, genes play into this, but there are additional factors that influence one’s long-term success. You can learn about a few of them here…

Consistency – Their outstanding results are never about just a 16-week program, finding a magic pill, or taking shortcuts. They don’t skip out on 2-3 months here and there because work gets busy. They never let minor aches and pains sidetrack them because they find ways to train around these issues and rehabilitate them in the process. They can’t fathom taking 19 weeks to complete a 16-week program. Training is an integral part of their lives, so they do it with more consistency than their less-accomplished peers. In the grand scheme of things, the programming, technique, and training environment are important – but just showing up is the single-most important thing.

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