Learning is Great, but APPLYING is Better!

learningBecause we’re in the off-season, I’m in a bit of a learning bender.  I LOVE learning new things 🙂

It’s so fun to learn new tricks and tips or to look at issues from different perspectives.

Because you’re reading this blog post, I know you’re a life long learner too.

However, while learning is great, applying what you learn is even better!

The problem is, you often come away from a book, a video, a seminar, or a convention with SO much wonderful information you don’t know where to start.  Then you get paralyzed by information overload and never take any steps to help you get better!

What’s the point of that?

Today, I have a tip to help avoid information overload so you can actually take steps to improve…

When you are learning something new and come across a tip or concept that really hits home, STOP.

Stop reading the book or watching the video you’re learning from if you can.  

If you can’t stop (i.e. if you’re at a seminar or convention), continue taking notes but make sure you go back through your notes after the event is done. While reviewing your notes, STOP at the FIRST concept that really hits home for you and gives you that lightbulb moment.

Then follow these 3 steps…

  • Jot down, or otherwise highlight, this ONE concept
  • Figure out exactly how you can start using it
  • Commit to applying and using this concept the very next chance you get!

Even better?  Think about how you can apply and use this concept regularly. Make plans to use this concept over and over and over again on a regular basis (daily if at all possible) until it becomes a powerfully productive new habit.

In other words, don’t just learn. Take ACTION.

Choose ONE concept and APPLY it right away.

Later, you can go back, continue learning, and apply the next idea and the next and continue this process over and over again.

Before you know it, you’ll have great new habits that help you progress toward your ultimate goals.

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