Why you need to compete less

If you want to get ready for competition…

Compete less, train more.

You don’t get better at competing by just competing more. You get better at competing by TRAINING.

Effective learning, and development of skill work and technique, requires training under conditions where “results” don’t matter.
You must be able to focus solely on HOW you’re doing what you do. Not what the actual result is. That’s what training is. Time for emphasis on process and technique.

When you’re trying to improve a particular part of your swing, you probably won’t feel comfortable with it at first. Because of that, you won’t perform well consistently. You likely “fail,” or mis-hit the ball, more often until you get familiar with the new way of doing things. During any learning process you must expect, and accept, taking a step or two back before you really move forward.

That acceptance gets lost in the pressure to compete.

This is why you must avoid loading up your “off-season,” or even your “pre-season,” with too many scrimmages. If you’re constantly “testing” instead of training, you SLOW progress down.

No one wants to feel uncomfortable with their swing, or anything else, in a game situation.  This causes you to go back to your “old way” of doing things instead of sticking with developing new habits.

The more you go back to your “old ways” when trying to engrain new habits, the longer it takes to improve.

When you’re constantly competing, it’s tough to get into a mindset where results don’t matter.  This is the big problem with jam packing your schedule with scrimmages. It’s also the problem with playing year round instead of taking time off from competition to work on technique and strength and conditioning.

Granted, practice alone isn’t the optimal way to get game ready. But competing as much as, or more than, you train is just as bad, if not worse!

Take time to TRAIN, not just compete.


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Take time to train, not just compete

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