Who do you have to be to achieve your goals?

who do you have to be?
Who do who you have to BE to achieve the level of success you’re after?

Can you be lazy?

Can you be late?

Can you be disorganized?

Can you be less than fully present?

Can you be rude to your teammates and opponents?

Can you be inattentive to the details of your craft?

Can you be unwilling to learn?

Can you be unwilling to try?

Can you be unwilling to go the extra mile?

Can you be inconsistent inĀ the little things?

Will that take you to where you want to go?

Or do you need to BE better than you are now???

Your game grows when YOU grow šŸ™‚

Even the smallest change can add up to somethingĀ BIG over time! What small change can you make today for massive results later?

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