Game day prep you can do any time, anywhere

Got a game coming up?

Here is a simple, but super useful exercise you can do to get your mind right for your next game (and every game!). Take a look at the questions below and really let your brain think about exactly what it is you want to experience.

Tip: focus less on results (aka get 4 hits) and more on process (hit the ball hard).

What do you want the game to be like?

How do you want to feel before, during, and after games?

What do you want to experience as you get ready for the game, during the game, after it?

What do you want it to feel like?

Prepared? Rested? Energized? Excited? Happy? Free? Encouraged? Supported/supportive? At ease? Focused? On time? Calm? Confident? Hydrated? Courageous? Hopeful? Cheerful? Inspired? Powerful? Relaxed?

Decide now, so you’re not just at the mercy of the circumstances that present themselves on game day (i.e. the weather, field conditions, the mood your coach is in, the mood your teammates are in, the mood your parents are in, the umpires, a bad call a bad play, a mistake, a missed opportunity etc, etc, etc).

Figure out how you want to experience the game and how you want to feel NOW so you’re not up, down, and all around based upon what’s going well or not well on any given game day. Give yourself a chance to stay steady and able more easily return to how you want to BE during the game (even when you get tested) because you’ve already decided what that is!

Once you have a good idea of what it is you want your game day to be like…

What kinds of little things can you DO to bring about those feelings?

Want a tool to help you get your mindĀ right for optimal performance?

Check out the Think Like a Champ Journal and develop the skill of choosing your thoughts so they work for you, not against you šŸ˜‰

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