You don’t have to “Let Them Fail”

“Let them fail. Let them figure it out.”

Why? Why would we want to do that?

I absolutely AGREE that failure is often an essential step in any journey. I AGREE that learning how to best navigate failures and mistakes is absolutely critical to success in softball and in life.

BECAUSE it’s so important, why would we just let our kids figure it out? Why would we leave it to chance and they hope and pray that they “get it” one day? Why would we NOT mentor and guide them and work with them so they best learn how to effectively do it? We didn’t let them “just figure out” how to brush their teeth, but we’re going to let them figure how to deal with failure on their own?

I have so much to say about this I created a short audio about it because it was much easier than writing it all out.
Click here or press the play button below to listen.

You may not completely agree and that’s okay. You may feel a lot of resistance to the concepts shared here. Don’t push it away just yet. Just sit with it. It’s okay if we disagree, but I hope to get you thinking and maybe expand your mind just a bit so that you can be better for your kids and those you lead.

Have a listen and leave a comment with what feelings or thoughts came up for you in the process …

you don't have to just let them fail

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