Are you a gazelle? Or are you driven from within? Message from ET

This video by The Hip Hop Preacher and motivational speaker, Eric Thomas (ET), got me thinking of an issue that’s come up over and over again recently.

I see a lot of players doing what gazelles do. When no one is chasing them, they stop running. Once they have the starting position, they lower their intensity. When coach isn’t on their back, they stop hustling. When mom and dad aren’t watching, they stop giving their best effort.

WHY are you waiting for someone ELSE to require excellence of you before you do it?

WHY are you leaving YOUR effort, and therefore your results, in someone else’s hands?

WHY are you making YOUR performance someone else’s responsibility?

Take that back! That power belongs to you. You have the choice to either rely on other and be externally “motivated” OR to take back you power and be intrinsically INSPIRED. You have the choice between needing someone to light your fire for you OR already having a fire burning from within!

The moment you decide to require excellence of YOURSELF, whether or not anyone else does, your game (and your life) will change. Guaranteed.

Eric Thomas talks about what you need to make that happen. Watch this …

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