7 Favorite Nuggets and Quotes from the book “The Sell”

So, I have this fascination with the shows Million Dollar Listing LA and, now, Million Dollar Listing New York. Though I don’t think I’ll ever get involved in real estate, there’s just something so intriguing to me about these shows. As a result, I recently purchased the book, The Sell, by Fredrik Eklund, one of the stars of Million Dollar Listing New York.

While you may be wondering what any of that has to do with what I normally talk about here, the fact of the matter is success principles are universal 🙂

That means, they can be applied to ANYTHING. You’ll begin to see what I mean as you start reading some of my favorite excerpts …

“You become what you say, and if you utter negativity, you will eventually be pulled down by it …
Never bad-mouth the competition; leave the bad-mouthing to them.
Oh yes, they will bad-mouth you, but you should only worry if they stop. It means you’re doing something wrong, because they no longer think you’re a threat.”

Enough said 😉

be positive on purpose - Stacie Mahoe

“Playing it safe doesn’t get you anywhere. It hardly gets you out of bed in the morning.”

You know the deal, when you play not to lose, chances are, you’re gonna lose. Start playing BIG. Play to WIN! In order to start playing big, you have to train big. By that, all I mean is, put everything you have into what you are doing it when you are doing it. If you’re hitting the ball off a tee, put all you have into it, mentally, physically, emotionally. Be there. Give everything you have in the moment.


“Many people don’t trust their gut, and spend time sending their good ideas out to committee, hoping for approval from others.

If you wait, it dies.

Jump on opportunity. As they say, it doesn’t knock twice.”

What are you putting off ’till “tomorrow” that you could do right NOW?


“People who don’t want to work with me are free to go. I approach any relationship this way. Let’s enjoy the time we have together. People are going to come in and out of our lives.

I want to be like a piece of sea grass on the bottom of the ocean floor and move with the waves, swaying left, then right, going with the flow.

Fighting is too exhausting and, in my opinion, not worth the struggle.

In the end, we really can’t control anyone.

Even if we try by wielding our power or authority, we can only do so temporarily. And that would be a failure.”

I know changes in teams and coaching staffs and personnel can be frustrating and upsetting in many ways.

But the truth is, the harder we try to fight the changes, the harder we make things for ourselves.

Things can work out for us in ways we never could’ve imagined. But we slow down that process trying to hold on to what was vs moving forward to and through what is and what can be.


“Your goal as a successful human being is to be interested and encouraging and to let each person close to you know that he or she is important.

Call attention to triumphs; be forgiving of mistakes. Offer apologies as generously as you accept them. Praise wholeheartedly; criticize sparingly.

Listen, learn, and love.

Happiness never decreases by being shared. Spread joy to the people you encounter each day, and it will be returned in your life tenfold.”

Remember, as coaches, as parents, we are raising and building up HUMAN BEINGS, not just athletes. Think about what it is you want for them and how you want the to be and set out to BE the best example of that you can be each and every day.


“Everyone wants a chance to be heard. Listening is one of the most important skills you can use when there is something you are trying to achieve … active listening is critical for your success.”

As a parent, as a coach, as a teammate … are you listening? Or are you more concerned with talking and trying to get everyone else to listen to you? This is an area that I certainly have lots of room for improvement in. I’m working on it 🙂


“Like trees, successes take a while to grow. You can’t force a tree to suddenly get tall. As much as you scream for it to grow faster, it won’t. It can’t. You can give it encouragement, make way for more sunlight, water it, fertilize it, prune its branches, but it’s still growing in its own time.”

Be patient with yourself and/or your child/team 🙂

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