Food for Thought: Fun and Excellence

Why do we believe in (and perpetuate) the idea that the important stuff in life can’t be fun …
Or that if someone is having fun then they’re “not serious enough” …
Or that hard work and fun are somehow mutually exclusive?

I think excellence and joy go hand in hand.
I think we can do and have BOTH

Have fun AND kick butt ????

What do you think?

have fun, kick butt

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  • My daughter plays travel volleyball, last season the head coach would punish the team with extra running or other means of extra excercises if they had bad serves or other playing letdowns. When a play or serve whem bad, the girls would look to the coach as she makes note of it and knowing that they’ll have to pay for it. The girls weren’t having fun, dreading to go to practices and not working on personal growth on the court. We had a parent/coach meeting with club director, at the end, coach was let go. The team flourished with the asst coach and the girls ended uo having a great remainder winter and spring travel season.
    My daughter enjoys the hard work in practice that coaches ask for her and her teammates. I believe teams can have fun but still have to out in the work, because onr know that you play how you practice.

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