Consistency does NOT always lead to excellence

CONSISTENCY I recently saw someone post that …

“Consistency is the one thing in life that always leads to excellence.”

Ummmm, sorry.

No it doesn’t. NOT if you’re consistent in the wrong things. Consistently eating crappy, not getting enough sleep, neglecting your health and wellness, ignoring your most important relationships, drinking too much, being late to work, etc, etc, etc.

You can be hella consistent in all those things and it will NOT “always” lead to “excellence.”

WHAT you are consistent with/in matters too.

  • Be consistent with your mindset.
  • Be consistent with your effort.
  • Be consistent with your training.
  • Be consistent with showing up (and how you show up)
  • Be consistent with hydration.
  • Be consistent with good sleep.
  • Be consistent with nourishing your body.
  • Be consistent with being a good teammate, family member, friend, community member, stranger.
  • Be consistent with prioritizing what matters most.

Yes, consistency can lead to excellence. However, it does matter what it is you’re being consistent with.

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