Free Printable: 3 Steps to Strengthen Your Mindset DAILY!

Need some simple tips for strengthening your mindset daily?
Try this!

1. Identify your WINS
big or small write them all
What went well today? What did you accomplish today?

2. Identify what did NOT go well 
(or what’s NOT working for you)
What did not workout, or work well, for you today? What’s something you to go differently/better tomorrow?

3. Identify ONE adjustment you will make moving forward
(make it a point to implement this ASAP!)
What’s one shift you can make tomorrow? One thing you can do or approach differently to create a different result from the one that didn’t work out or go well today? Write this down and make it a point to execute this shift as soon as it’s possible for you to do so.

Then REPEAT this process daily! 

Step by step, day by day, train your brain to focus less on problems/frustrations and more on solutions and progress made!

Wherever your attention goes, energy flows. And the human brain tends to default to problems or threats that need fixing. The simple process outlined above teaches your brain how to re-focus in your positive and productive ways for greater results!

Click here to get a PRINTABLE version of this exercise (worksheet included too!) to PRINT/SAVE/SHARE with your athlete(s)


P.S. – this is the “grow work” is the exact process provided to you in the Think Like a Champ Journal.

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