Want to build more confidence?

Start paying attention to what’s going well too.
Your brain automatically evaluates for mistakes, what’s wrong, what needs to be fixed.

If you’re not intentional, what’s wrong will start running the show instead of what’s working. Doubt and worry will start filling your mind instead of confidence. Thankfully, you can shift that <3

Start by writing down your WINs for today.
Mine? This …

want to build more confidence? stack your wins

See? It can be so simple. The trick is to just start doing it.
Big or small write them all.

BONUS: “celebrate” your win(s) “publicly.”
Go over to @stackyourwins to share your wins for the day. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing them all, just comment with the ONE you feel most proud of today.

Need more help with building confidence?
I’ve got two options for you …

1. Go to @stackyourwins on IG and start using the prompts there ASAP. Or start having your athlete(s) use them 🙂

2. Get the softball coaching cheat sheets
The same prompts you find on IG are put together in a printable confidence building handout + worksheet that’s now included in the Softball Coaching Cheat Sheets.
Get it here

Best wishes to you on and off the field. Enjoy!

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