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Softball is not “just” a game. Sports are not “just” extracurricular activities. When human beings engage in activities they love, enjoy, and find meaningful to them, it opens the door to learning that sticks, lessons that last a lifetime! Tapping in to what makes your heart soar is a powerful thing. THAT is why sports experiences are so wonderful, beneficial, and empowering.

Hi! My name is Stacie Mahoe and I am a big family sports mom of 8 active kids living in Hawaii married to my high school sweetheart. I enjoy going beyond Xs and Os and straight into the heart of excellence <3

I played softball growing up, have coached athletes and am raising of bunch of them too. While I’ve enjoyed sharing insights on the game with coaches, players, and parents over the years, it’s now upon my heart to go beyond the basic skills and drills and deeper into the life lessons, skills, and principles that create a solid foundation for “winning” in sports and life.

Being a mom fills my life with lots pure joy, love, laughter, and happiness, but it’s also a journey that’s shaken me to my core at times. I’ve learned a TON over the years and, mostly recently, it all comes down to this …

Change your mind, change your life.

Our thoughts and our words are SO powerful. The perspective we choose, how we direct our focus, where we turn our attention, these may be small things, but they make a massive difference, not only in the results you get, but in how you feel and experience the journey you’re on.

I hope my articles and resources get you THINKING, rather than living, playing, coaching, parenting, or leading on “autopilot,” not even fully aware of WHY you’re doing what you’re doing and the implications it may have below the surface and over the long run. While positive coaching and positive sports parenting has been around for quite some time, I believe we’re still just scratching the surface of what’s possible through positive, heart lead leadership.

Excellent leadership is worth it’s weight in gold and that’s where YOU come in! Alone, we can do so little. Together, we can do SO much. If you’re a coach, I have a short, but sweet e-book you’ll love. Pick up your copy here.


If you’re an athlete, or the parent of one, you’re going to want to check out Think Like a Champ. It’s an e-book that includes 10 simple exercises to help you win in sports and life. Not only that, it includes a full year of ongoing support, training, resources, accountability, and encouragement from me. Right now, you can pre-order your copy of Think Like a Champ. Click here for details!

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To your ultimate success,

Stacie Mahoe

Stacie Mahoe

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