Are you ready to play better than ever?

winning with essential oils for athletesYou can put in all the time in the world, work harder than anyone else around you, but if you don't know how to get your mind right (and keep it there as consistently as possible), none of that even matters!

Great athletes know to

  • get in the zone
  • maintain a positive outlook even when things aren't going their way
  • choose the perspective that allows them to feel calm and confident rather than scared and worried 

But the champion mindset you need to succeed doesn't develop on accident!

It, too, must be practiced and strengthened ON PURPOSE so it can be there for you when you need it most.

Think Like a Champ gives you 10 simple exercises to help you WIN in sports and life, PLUS monthly support and training for a full year!


Remember, what you do once or twice doesn't accomplish a whole lot. You are what you REPEATEDLY do. These exercises won't "work" if you just read about them. These exercises won't "work" if all you do is kinda sorta "try" them once or twice.

Just like strengthening any other softball skill, these "drills" work best when you practice them consistently. The more you put into them, the more you get out of them. If you put in a little effort and a little consistency, you get a little result. If you put in a bigger, more whole hearted effort, you'll get a bigger, more meaningful result. 

What if you could ... 

  • shift your mood or attitude on demand
  • quickly bounce back from mistakes
  • stay pumped and positive even when your teammates aren't
  • stay focused when your coach is losing his (or her) mind
  • feel confident and certain even when things aren't going your way

What would that be worth to you? How much would that improve your game? How much MORE FUN would you have throughout the season?

Join Think Like a Champ and get ...

  1. an e-book with 10 exercises to help you "WIN" in sports and life
  2. 1 full year of ongoing training and support (via email and facebook group)
  3. instant access to exercises so you can start TODAY

Working hard is great, but working hard AND smart? That just may give you the edge you've been looking for!



Jump in now, get your e-book free! Normally, you'd pay $14.95 for the e-book, then $7/month for the next 11 months for your ongoing training and support. 

Right now, you can get in with only a one-time payment of $77 :)

Get immediate access to the club, be the first to receive the e-book when it gets released, and keep unlimited access to The Club even after your one year is over.

This allows you to continue referring back to the resources and training so you can keep getting better and better in your ability to Think Like a Champ!


Best of all? Your purchase gives you access to the e-book and The Club for your whole family. Mom, Dad, siblings, everyone can jump in and begin applying these exercises for success in sports and/or life. It's a pretty cool way for your family to get stronger together!

If you're a coach, you are more than welcome to take these exercises and use them with your team!

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To your ultimate success,

Stacie Mahoe

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