Because I want you to succeed...

I'm sharing some of THE most memorable coaching lessons I learned on the diamond.  

Dear Coach,

lessons learned ebookI know much coaching means to you.  You care deeply about your team and want to help them in every way you can.  But you can't do that if you're making the common mistakes just about every coach makes at one point or another.

If you're tired of learning your coaching lessons the hard way, I'm going to save you some time!  Shorten your learning curve and save yourself the headache of "living and learning."

Believe me, I’ve made a lot of softball coaching mistakes for you! Let me share what I learned so you don’t have to go through all the trouble I did.

In this e-book, I'm handing you some of the biggest, most memorable, most important coaching lessons I've learned including...

  • how to minimize parents problems so you can focus on what really matters, your players
  • how to avoid common infield mistakes so your opponents have less opportunities to score
  • how to use simple strategies for better results on the field in a shorter period of time
  • some great practice ideas just in case your brain gets fried at any point during your season
  • simple ideas for improving team conditioning so you can outlast your opponents and play strong when it matters most, at the end of the game and/or tournament
  • great ideas for keeping your team well fueled for battle on long days at the park
  • how to help you team hit as well in the game as they do in practice
  • how to make the toughest coaching decisions you face and still be able to sleep at night 
  • plus a whole lot more!


This e-book gives you tools you need to improve your coaching starting today!


What this e-book is NOT

  • I'm not going to tell exactly what drills to use and when to use them.  
  • I'm not going to give you THE set of practice plans to use to make sure you reach the championship game.  

First of all, if there was ONE set of practice plans that would get any team to the championship game then everyone would be in the championship game and that just isn't possible.  So stop thinking that someone else has THE one answer for your team.  They don't.    

That would be like a parent coming to you before buying a new bat and saying, "My daughter is 12, weighs 105lbs, and is 5 feet tall. What bat should I buy her?"

Anyone who tells you they can name the exact bat
that's perfect for that player is BSing you.  

There is no ONE bat that will work for all 12-year-olds that weigh 105lbs and are 5 feet tall.  You may be able to give a family some recommendations, things to consider, and the information they need to make a good decision, but you can't decide which ONE bat that would work perfectly for that player based upon just the information given above.  That's something that player needs to figure out.

The same is true for you.  

You don't need a cookie cutter practice plan that may not even work for your team. In this ebook, you get the tools and strategies that allow you to develop practices that fit your team's current needs. Rather than randomly picking and choosing drills "just because," you'll have a framework and system for choosing drills that get the results your team needs most.

This approach allows your team to move forward and make progress in a way that makes sense rather than just throwing things together haphazardly and hoping the right things stick at the right time.

You'll know what factors to consider, perspectives you may need to shift, and the process you need to make the BEST decisions for YOUR team in THIS season. THAT is what you need so you can do what works best for you and your team rather than using generic plans put together by someone who's never even met you or your players.

Here's the truth...

If you're looking for the ONE trick or solution that will solve all your problems, a magic bullet, you're not going to get it here (or anywhere for that matter) because it doesn't exist. There are no short cuts to success. There are no secrets. But there are simple success principles that work when you do.

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This e-book is designed to help you make the most of the knowledge you have.  It doesn't matter how much or how little you think you know.  

This e-book give you strategies to help you become the best you coach can be right here, right now, using the skills and knowledge you ALREADY have. 

It also helps you avoid a very common problem coaches encounter when learning from other successful coaches or teams.  I highly recommend learning best in the game.  I'm all for NOT reinventing the wheel as well, but simply copycat-ing what you see others do does NOT WORK. I explain why in this e-book and tell you what to look for and do instead. 

Who this e-book is for...

  • Coaches who are willing to learn, open to new ideas, and willing to make adjustments
  • Coaches who TAKE ACTION and apply useful ideas, not just read about them
  • Coaches who are willing to do the little things that make a BIG difference
  • Coaches who want to make a positive impact on the players they lead
  • Coaches who know that their team's success begins with them

Get the tools and strategies that allow you to be the very best you can be THIS season!

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Stacie Mahoe

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