One thing EVERY softball player needs to do

I absolutely love being connected with people like you who enjoy learning and growing and developing as human beings 🙂

I saw a post about mindset this morning that inspired me to share this …

One of the most powerful choices you can make is to clean out the enormous mass of mental and emotional junk that clutters your mind.

Selecting your thoughts the same way you select your clothes each morning is a powerful practice and skill you can cultivate.

If you want to have more control of your softball experience, work on purposefully utilizing your mind, your thoughts, and how you choose to think in ways that are most helpful to you.

It most cases, this is the ONLY thing you should be trying to “control.”

You already know, you CANNOT control …

  • your teammates
  • the weather
  • your coaches
  • your parents (or your child if you’re a parent)
  • your friends
  • where the ball bounces
  • the umpires
  • how the ball bounces
  • the fans
  • the strike zone
  • your opponents
  • whether or not you get a hit
  • the outcome of a game
  • acts of God
  • etc, etc, etc

You can decide which the beliefs you hold on to. You can decide how you choose to see, and think, about things. You can choose different or better thoughts that actually serve you instead of hold you back.

Once you get the hang of this, you will FEEL the difference in your game. AND other people will start to notice that there’s something different about you.

You will stand apart from most players who haven’t yet made the choice to spend as much time on their thinking as they do on their hitting or fielding or throwing.

If you’ve never attempted to do this before or have no clue where to start or aren’t even sure which beliefs or thoughts you have that may actually be preventing you from being your best instead of helping you elevate your game …

I highly recommend getting into Coach Jenn Starkey’s Zen Hitting program. She will be walking you through exactly these concepts as it relates to your hitting performance.

And if you can understand how to apply all of this to hitting, you can understand how to apply it to ANYTHING in life.

You won’t just become a more successful hitter. You will grow into a more successful PERSON.

And that, my friends, is well worth the price of admission.

Space IS limited for this session of Zen Hitting. Today is the last day to get on the early bird list before the program opens up tomorrow.

What a special promo code to help secure your spot? You can sign up for one HERE.

I’ll email it out to you as soon as it’s ready.

For now, get yourself on that early bird list at

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