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Black Friday Deals – Get Journals for your Athletes!

Black Friday - Journals for softball athletes

What’s going on Fastpitch Fam?Our Black Friday Specials are in full effect! Featuring TWO awesome tools to help your team RISE this off season. 1. An oldie but goodie … Think Like a Champ Journal! Available in a 15-pack bundle for the whole team (with an option to add more off needed after checkout). Help …

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How to Get in the Zone with Gratitude

Get in the Zone with Gratitude Journal for Athletes

Did you know that the state of gratitude is very similar and to the state of FLOW?You know that FLOW state that athletes (and high level performers) enjoy being in? Where everything seems to go well, to come easy, to feel effortless, to well, flow. It’s that state also known as “being in the zone.” …

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