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How the Think Like a Champ Journal Helps Athletes

If you know athletes that are perfectionists, those that are too hard on themselves, or those that just want to strengthen their mental game, I’ve got a tool that can help 🙂 For those athletes that get frustrated because they can’t do everything perfectly from the first try … For the ones that tend to be too hard on themselves … For …

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Want to build more confidence?

want to build more confidence? stack your wins

Start paying attention to what’s going well too. Your brain automatically evaluates for mistakes, what’s wrong, what needs to be fixed. If you’re not intentional, what’s wrong will start running the show instead of what’s working. Doubt and worry will start filling your mind instead of confidence. Thankfully, you can shift that <3 Start by …

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3 causes of INCONSISTENT performance, 1 way to fix it


Playing tough against great teams, but mediocre against average teams is a sign that there’s more work to be done, both physical and mentally. Would you agree? I wanted to dive into this a bit more for you, plus provide a free resource to help you improve consistency at the end of this post. Thankfully, there …

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