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5 ways to re-establish your connection with your child

One of the core concepts that can supercharge your results and influence as a sports mom is that of CONNECTION. Most moms can use some support in this area. Many of us can also use regular reminders to be very intentional about

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Strong connection is a must


It’s already becoming a well known concept in coaching youth sports, that connection is key. And yet, we don’t intentionally cultivate this in parenting. We think loving them is enough. We assume that, as long as we love them, and

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3 keys to bringing out the absolute best in your child

bring out the best in your child

I know you want your child to shine! But how do you bring out the best in them without “pushing?” Here are 3 powerful ideas for you to chew on 🙂 continually cultivate and nurture a strong relationship and connection

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