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Major Leadership Mistake I Made and What I Learned

by Stacie ~ January 23rd, 2017.
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I used to think …

“I don’t care if you like me or not. My job is to help you be your best. Even if you can’t stand me, if I helped you be the best you can be, I will have done my job as a coach.”

Then I had a great player teach me that …

If a player doesn’t trust me because I hurt them and made them feel disrespected by me because of some careless words I let come out of my mouth …

That’s on ME!

And I CANNOT help someone else be their very best if I lose their trust.

Trust is not something you always get back if you ever had it in the first place.

Choose to follow universal timeless principles that BUILD trust and respect from your entire team (not just from a few select individuals).

Those who rely solely on “formal authority” will LOSE this trust and respect.

Choose your words and actions wisely as you lead your team and/or family.

True leadership is moral authority, not formal authority. Leadership is a choice, not a position. The choice is to follow universal timeless principles, which will build trust and respect from the entire organization. Those with formal authority alone will lose this trust and respect. - Stephen Covey

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Take your cleats to the street

Simple Tip to Bring Out the BEST in Your Players

by Stacie ~ January 16th, 2017.
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As a parent, you always want to help your child be their very best. The way to do this is simple, maybe not “easy,” but definitely simple.

Stop fretting over what they’re not or comparing them to how you wish they would be and do this instead …

Go and LOVE them exactly as they are, faults and all, mistakes and all. Then watch who very quickly they transform into the very best version of themselves.

Something I like to do as often as possible, every day if I can, is write out a full page of wonderful things about each of my children. Things I appreciate, things I love, what I admire, anything positive that comes to mind that day, I write it down. Write, not type. And I don’t reuse the same list over and over and over again. Each time I do this, I sit down and think about and look for the best things about my child and write them down.

It’s actually a pretty cool thing to do for your spouse too 🙂

Remember, what you focus on expands. What is appreciated, appreciates. So notice and acknowledge the best in your child (and in your spouse) and enjoy the way that changes life for you and your family.

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Take your cleats to the street

Use Your Words to INSPIRE

by Stacie ~ January 12th, 2017.
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Softball is a game. Games are supposed to be fun. As coaches and parents we get to infuse joy into our game, our lives, and in the lives of others 🙂

If you and/or your kids/team aren’t feeling the joy, there’s an adjustment that needs to be made!!! Pronto!

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Take your cleats to the street