Month: January 2018

Mr. Rogers Message for Sports Moms :)

mr. rogers gets it, advice for sports moms

Mr. Rogers gets it. So often, we are in such a rush as moms (or as parents/coaches in general), we can’t even let this process happen, much less be someone who facilitates it. “There’s a world of difference between insisting

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How do I get my child to push harder?

One question I get a lot is something along the lines of … How do I get my child to do more? Push harder? First you must understand a very simple #coreconcept: What you appreciate APPRECIATES. In other words, what

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One simple way to inspire excellence in your child

fill your cup sports mom

Want to raise your capacity for excellence and influence? DO THIS. Do this intentionally. Do this daily. If fact, not just daily, but throughout the day, any chance you get, do this. Especially you, super mom!

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