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Success doesn’t require sacrificing your integrity

by Stacie ~ July 25th, 2016.
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softball success tipsNot all college coaches support, or require, the “win at all costs” mentality that makes you cross lines of integrity and honor.

If you reach a point where you feel the need to sacrifice your own values and integrity for “what college coaches want,” take a step back and really think through the decision(s) you’re making.

There are OTHER ways to get to college and continue playing this game! Ways that don’t require that betraying who you are or what you believe in.

There’s nothing worth achieving that can’t be done with your integrity in tact. Could it be “easier” if you did compromise your values? Maybe.

But it all goes back to what’s most important to you. It’s said that how you do one thing is how you do everything. So if you’re willing to sacrifice what you believe for something as “insignificant” as a game, what does that mean for the rest of your life? When the stakes are higher? When your decisions affect more than the outcome of a game?

What kind of human being do you want to be? Get clear on that and BE that person now 🙂

You CAN be successful AND be a great person at the same time. It doesn’t have to be one or the other.

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Take your cleats to the street

5 things to remember about leadership

by Stacie ~ July 11th, 2016.
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I’ve been having a ton of fun learning about leadership recently. As I reflected back over the various concepts I’ve learned, here are some that stood out to me …

1. Remember that true leadership is serving, not bossing others around.
2. Remember that leadership is ACTION, not position. You are a leader by what you say and do, not by the title you are given (or not).
3. Remember that great leaders elevate *everyone* around them.
4. Remember that you don’t inspire people and lift them up by telling them how great you are, you inspire them and lift them up by communicating to them how great THEY are.
5. Remember leadership isn’t about making others follow you, it’s about inspiring people to WANT follow along in the direction you’re headed.

Which one is your favorite?

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Take your cleats to the street

Leadership Tip: less doing, more BEING

by Stacie ~ June 30th, 2016.
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One of my favorite things about learning is that success principles are universal. They apply and are effective in all areas of life. I can be reading a book about leadership and I learn something about how to be a better spouse. I can be reading a book about finance and I learn something about leadership. I can be in training for business and I learn something about coaching.

So the other day I was reading an article about business, when I came across this nugget that also applies beautifully to leadership and coaching!

“It’s about actually caring about people, becoming a person of value and being someone uniquely positioned to help someone with their problems.”
— Ferny Ceballos

Leadership is not about what you have to do to your team to “get them” to perform (relying on external motivation like force, fear, threats, punishments). It’s about who you need to become to help them overcome their challenges and bring out the best in them (inspiring them from WITHIN!).

Your game grows when YOU grow 😉

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Take your cleats to the street