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Is your daughter hard on herself?

how do i help my daughter not be so hard on herself

Does your daughter focus more the ONE thing she did wrong after a game rather than celebrating all the things she did right? Does she beat herself up after mistakes and stay down in the dumps, unable to get ready

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Episode 29: That time *I* was the one who needed an attitude adjustment

Eating Curveballs for Breakfast Podcast - with Stacie Mahoe

When the curevballs pile up and you wake up frustrated, overwhelmed, stressed … yup, sometimes I’m the one that needs an attitude adjustment. Here’s what helped, just in case it can help you too 🙂 alternate link

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Shifting from problems to solutions, perspective changes everything

Sometimes, all you need is a little shift in perspective to uncover solutions vs feeling stuck in the problem. If you feel … frustrated by your chid’s lack of progress at a loss because no matter what you do, you’re

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