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What do you think about people who … suck?

don't let your success depend on someone else changing

I recently saw a Facebook post by a Sean Connolly. In it words of wisdom a father might impart. This list contained some really great tidbits … The first one to get angry loses. Luck favors the prepared. Never stop

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What to do when you’re feeling frustrated as a sports parent

unconventional sports mom tip: would you respond differently?

When your daughter makes a mistake, and doesn’t respond the way you think she should, and you feel frustrated and upset and annoyed and ready to give her a piece of your mind, STOP. What if you were certain that,

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Sports Parenting Tip: How to overcome the battle of wills

success in sports parenting

For a long time, THE hardest things about sports parenting for me was this… I’ve shared this image before, and touched up on the journey we all travel as sports parents. Maybe you know how it goes… You talk to

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