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For a long time, THE hardest things about sports parenting for me was this… I’ve shared this image before, and touched up on the journey we all travel as sports parents. Maybe you know how it goes… You talk to …

Sports Parenting Tip: How to overcome the battle of wills Read More »

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This is another one from Proactive Coaching. I really LOVE their Facebook page, if you haven’t liked it yet, you can do so here. I recently purchased some resources from them, but haven’t had a chance to check it out …

Heart felt message to softball parents: stop wishing for something different! Read More »

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One thing keeps popping in my social media feeds during this first month of the year. I don’t see many resolutions (thank goodness). But I do see people making proclamations of stepping AWAY from what everyone else thinks they *should* …

More than praise, your child needs this Read More »

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