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So I thought it would be great to be able to help young softball players with their road to college.  I remember looking at college applications and only wanting to apply to the ones that didn’t have application fees.  Well, I don’t think there are nearly as many without application fees as there were when I was in high school.

In addition, with the economy the way it is now, I can certainly see some players not wanting to ask their parents to pay for applications fees to colleges they won’t be attending.  After all, if you apply to 5-7 colleges, obviously you won’t be able to attend all of them.  I remember feeling like it would be a waste of money to apply to colleges simply to “have more options.”  So I really didn’t apply to very many.  Thankfully I had the academics to be that picky.  Other student-athletes don’t.

In other cases, applying to just a few colleges could be a big mistake.  After all, what happens if you don’t get in to any of the ones you applied to?  I’m not saying you guarantee anything by applying to more schools, but you certainly give yourself a better chance at being accepted to a school you actually want to attend.

So, a few years back I remember wanting to help out seniors with at least one application fee.  That’s why you see a “Road to College” widget up at Fastpitch Talk Radio.  I want to give others the chance to join in this cause as well.  Since this is the first time I’m trying something like this, my goal is to help just 20 student-athletes (that participate in fastpitch softball) to pay for the application fee to ONE college of their choice.  If you’d like to help out, just click on the “Chip In” button in the sidebar at Fastpitch Talk Radio.

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