Thoughts on Coaching Staff Break Ups

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softball coaching breakups
In the world of competitive softball, it happens.  Teams break up.  Players move on.  Sometimes entire coaching staffs grow apart and go their separate ways.

Often times, feelings get hurt.  It’s tough not to take it personally when people choose to go another direction and leave.  However, I have another perspective that I hope will help if you find yourself in this situation.  Remember, I say all of this with LOVE.


Why be upset if people you have differences with leave and want to do their own thing?

Why would you want to keep people who don’t support you around?

If you’re doing what you truly believe in and someone else has such a vastly different view and method, don’t let it bother you that they want to go off and do something similar, but in their own way. Let them go.

You don’t serve the same crowd anyway.  You aren’t after the same things.  You don’t have the same intentions.

The people they attract, or take with them, aren’t a good fit for you.  All they do, by leaving and taking people with them, is help you weed out and eliminate those who’d cause you the most heartache and headache since their intentions/desires/goals don’t align with what you have to give and share.

The people who are drawn to you (or stay with you), in spite of other available options, are the ones you’re meant to work with.

What a wonderful situation to be in!

Surrounded by people who…

  • truly support you
  • need and want what you have to offer
  • you can truly help and make a difference with

Pure awesomeness.

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