One of the most frustrating situations for parents and coaches and how to respond to it

Have you ever felt frustrated because you tried to help someone, but they just will not do what you tell them to?

And you find yourself thinking, “Well, I guess you just have to learn the hard way.”

Then there’s your kids.

You try to teach them, show them everything they need to know so they don’t make the same mistakes you made, or any other mistakes for that matter. But they insist upon making mistakes, maybe even lots of them.

And this can be frustrating to no end.

Maybe it even makes you feel like you’re not a good parent or they’re not a “good” kids.

But NEITHER is true.

You know how they say, “There’s no short cut to success” or “There’s no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs?”

When we try to help others, or teach our children how to take the “fast track,” we’re kind of expecting them to take our short cut, to get on the elevator we opened for them.

Perhaps, instead of being frustrated that they won’t, we could choose to appreciate their willingness to take the stairs and realize that this is a NECESSARY part of THEIR process, of THEIR journey. We can choose to honor that. We can choose to respect that.

Then, we can choose to love and support them as they make their way up those stairs ❤️

there's no elevator to success

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