Double Standards of “Leadership” in Youth Sports

Leadership requires character.

I have, literally, seen situations where “leaders” feel they have the right, maybe even the duty, to request to see a team captain privately, just so they can ream them for the failures of the team.

At the very same time, these “leaders” complaining about how the leaders on the team don’t know how to lead. About how they only know how to scold and yell and their teammates don’t take it well.

Hmmmm, I wonder where they learned those “leadership skills” from 🤔

Perhaps they’re just doing to others what’s usually done to them by the leaders in their life; parents, educators, and coaches alike. How, exactly, are they supposed to learn to do better than what you’re doing? And why do you think it’s reasonable to expect that of them or fair to get upset about it and/or mad at them if they don’t?

Adults talk, all the time, about how difficult it is to do something (or BE a way) that you’ve never experienced before, that was never shown to you, to be different than what was demonstrated for you in your life. And yet, we expect the children we lead to be able to do that?

Will YOU be the person in their life that DEMONSTRATES to them what’s possible???

Or are you just going to be just another person who stands there and scolds them and yells at them when things aren’t going well? Who expects them to just do and be what you say rather than what you do/are?

Very rarely does it EVER work like that. Remember, you teach what you know, but reproduce what you ARE.

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character matters - double standards of leadership

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