Coaching: video training to help you prepare for success this season

Watch this short 7 minute video for some powerful questions that will help you prepare for success this season. I promise you, when you get clear on the answers to these questions, you will …

  • communicate more effectively with your team
  • build more cohesiveness amongst your staff
  • make it easier for your players to follow your lead

In short, you will be a much better leader for your team.


Dive deeper into effective leadership, strengthen your communication skills and increase “buy in,” overcome common challenges leaders face and more. Join the Impact Nation community today for just 7 bucks <3

If you want to focus more on coaching the mental game this season, and would LOVE 24/7 access to incredible resources to help you build a mentally tough team, including …

  • videos
  • drills
  • competitive challenges
  • team building activities
  • and a mental toughness tracker

Get all of that and more with your season pass to Mental SweetSpot’s Mental Training Membership.

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