Hey mom, are you overcomplicating things with fear

As a mom, there’s little you want more than to help your child be an amazing human being and achieve their wildest dreams.

But your biggest fears and worries are stressing you out and taking some of the joy out of the journey.

The good news is, you can stop letting fear run the show 🙂

If you find yourself making choices from fear …

I’m afraid that … if … so …

I don’t want … so …


What choice would you make if you weren’t afraid?

I know.

It’s hard to let go of the fear. It’s hard, and scary as hell, to let go of the need to control exactly how your child’s journey goes and what decisions they make and when.

Because you want so much for all the best decisions to be made at all times. And I don’t blame you!

Have you ever thought, “This would be so much easier if everyone would just do what I say!”

Yeah, me too.

And it was crazy hard to move away from fear, let go of the need to make everything exactly the way I wanted (aka perfectly for my child), and step into love and faith and trust.

But it was SO worth it!

If you feel like your head (and what everyone else says you should do as a mom) is at war with your heart …

Or that you are more and more at odds with your child vs feeling like you’re on the same side …

Or you’re just scared to death that you’re messing this entire mom thing up …

Or maybe things are going well and you just want to know how you can BEST help your child!

I’ve been there. And I can tell you …

  1. It’s okay to follow your heart
  2. It’s possible to be (and feel) on your child’s side instead of constantly fighting against them on this issue or that
  3. You’re not failing and you don’t have to live with that fear of possibly being on the edge of complete failure anymore
  4. I may have some ideas you haven’t thought of, mostly because most people aren’t talking about them

When you make these shifts, a whole new world opens up. You feel freer, you feel more joy in the journey, and you finally feel like you’re becoming the parent you truly want to be.

I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, but you and your child are worth it.

I know you do anything and everything you can to help your child, including getting uncomfortable, stepping WAY outside your comfort zone, challenging everything you thought you knew, and doing this mom thing differently than “most” people <3

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Get in there, DO the 5-day challenge, engage in the FB group, have fun, learn, passing what you learn on to your children through your own example 🙂

See you soon 🙂

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