Mom, your worth isn’t measured by your child’s achievements or lack thereof


You do not need your child to validate your worth.

Hear, no FEEL this … you are a VALUABLE human being in your OWN right.

You do not need your child to prove anything for you, nor is it fair (or healthy for that matter) for them to bear the burden of your “reputation.”

You are not defined by THEIR “scoreboard” or “statistics.” Heck, THEY are not even defined by that!

Maybe you worry of what others might think of YOU if your child is having a hard time with something.

If that’s the case, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your friends. OR perhaps you just need to re-evaluate the beliefs you hold about them.

A good friend would, in your time of distress, try to add to your joy, not judge your pain.

Your child’s sports experience isn’t about you, it’s FOR them. Their school experience isn’t about you either, nor is their life experience. It’s about and for THEM.

Keep it that way and, not only will helping your child be their best get a whole lot easier, it gets a lot more FUN too <3

Does this idea sound nice in theory, but escape you in execution?

Contact me. Let’s talk  🙂

Remember, I’m here to add to your joy, not judge your past, present, or future <3

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