The Gift of ADHD in Softball

I have kids with ADHD. I truly believe that it provides some unique strengths for athletes! Here are some examples …

Symptom: Gift

Impulsive: can easily catch opponents by surprise

Hyperactive: energetic

Daydreaming: able to get into a positive, relaxed state

Distractable: doesn’t dwell on mistakes, quickly moves on to the next thing/play

Forgetful: doesn’t take the last at bat with her into the next one

Acts like they do not hear: easily tunes out negativity around them

Talks to much: great at leading/participating in team chatter/cheers

Interrupts: excited to share ideas, can effectively interrupt negative thought patterns for teammates

Repeats same mistake: willing to keep trying even if they don’t get it right the first time or the second time or …

Hates sitting down and staying still: incredible capacity for play and always being in the mix of the action

Obsessed: passionate, hyperfocus on the goal

Ignores others: able to take care of business even if others aren’t

Selfish: wants to make as many plays as they possibly can, wants the bat when the game is on the line

Greedy: goes all out for any pop fly they have a chance at, always ready to take extra bases

Pushy: willing to push through adversity and do what it takes to get the job done no matter how slim the odds

No self-awareness: not self-conscious or worried about what other people think of their bold play, won’t shrink for the comfort of others

Lack of insight: free from preoccupation of their own faults, easily stays focused on the fun stuff and what went well

Focuses on “irrelevant”: picks up on little details others may not

Perception is everything. When you know how to turn your weakness into strength? GAME . OVER! Anything is possible.

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