3 Tips for Super Moms Who Want to Take Better Care of Themselves

As I speak with more and more sports moms around the country, one thing that comes up often, is their desire to take better care of themselves.

So many have discovered, first hand, how futile it is to try to pour from an empty cup. It . just . cannot . be done. No matter how HARD you try and push and scratch and claw.

I’ve tried.

Really. I have.

Been there. Done that. Got to experience, first hand, why that empty cup saying exists in the first place. Because it’s #realtalk ūüėÄ

There are so many reasons why your self-care may have fallen by the wayside, why you placed yourself on the backburner, at some at point, and just never got around to removing yourself from it. After all …

  • life happens
  • you get stressed and overwhelmed (let’s face it, being a mom is not for the weak!)
  • everything ELSE feels so urgent in the moment
  • maybe you’ve gone through a massive life change (a move, a loss, the birth of a child, tension in relationships, etc)
  • maybe you have emotional “weight” that wears you down and sucks up all your energy
  • maybe you’re a sports mom and feel like you have LESS THAN “no time,” like negative time, for you
  • maybe you’re around energy vampires way more than you’d like to be

Whatever the reason, all you know is, one day, you wake up and nothing is truly the way you really want it to be.

AND … at the very same time, you’re aware that all this didn’t just happen overnight.¬†You know that all of this really is the accumulation of little choices made day after day, year after year, for a bunch of years … and it’s all lead to where you are now …

Where frumpy is getting out of hand. Where walking out the door in sweats or PJs used to be cute and fun, now it’s something you surrender to, something you settle for … all the while¬†claiming to do it because you’re confident in your own skin and¬†simply don’t care what other people think.

But if you’re honest, the truth is, nothing fits you the way it used to. You have baby weight to lose, but it’s been years since you’ve had a baby.

You feel like your finances, and even your relationships, seem to be getting more strained instead of less.

You really thought you’d have it all figured out by now.

You thought you’d be “getting ahead,” but instead, you feel like you’re falling farther and farther behind in all kinds of areas of life … and you don’t even know how, or if, you will ever be able to catch up, much less get to wherever “ahead” is.

After all, it took years to get here. Will it take years to get out? Is it worth the effort on top of everything else you have on your plate?

Well …

First … you are not alone.


Second …¬†Why don’t we take a really nice deep breath, blow that out … nice and slow … and then just start with some baby steps you CAN control?

Here’s what’s been helpful for me, especially in seasons of overwhelm …

3 Simple Success Practices for Sports Parents


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