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A Hawaii high school football team recently forfeited the remainder of their season due to “extreme concerns for student and staff safety”. Another headline from KHNL reads “Parent, coach tensions result in halt of Kaiser’s football season.” Most the season …

We have to do better than threats to the safety of others Read More »

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I used to think … “I don’t care if you like me or not. My job is to help you be your best. Even if you can’t stand me, if I helped you be the best you can be, I …

Major Leadership Mistake I Made and What I Learned Read More »

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I recently saw a Facebook post by a Sean Connolly. In it words of wisdom a father might impart. This list contained some really great tidbits … The first one to get angry loses. Luck favors the prepared. Never stop …

What do you think about people who … suck? Read More »

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