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Share this article: Click Here to Tweet Today on Facebook, I saw a post by Amanda Scarborough. Her words about a pitcher presences in the circle are spot on! I remember, years ago, seeing a young pitcher on a very …

The Power of Your Presence as a Pitcher Read More »

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In this softball pitching video, Cat Osterman talks about a common pitching mistake many pitchers make.  Luckily it’s a simple thing to fix and doing so will help you get move of the movement on the ball that you want.  …

Cat Osterman on How to Make Your Pitches Move Read More »

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There is more than one way to grip your rise ball. However, here is a video clip that will show you how Bill Hillhouse does it. Why listen to him? Well… because he actually throws the pitch in competition against …

Softball Pitching Tip: How to Grip a Rise Ball Read More »

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